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Post Processing

Q: I really think your work is awesome. The shots, colors, angles are all wonderful. For a beginner in club photography, are there any tips you wish to share? Perhaps looking back on how you started, some places where you'd want to save a newbie or less knowledgeable photographer time? How much of your work do you actually Photoshop? Especially the club shots, what things do you edit? Techniques you'd like to share?

A: Thank you for the nice compliments on my work! A quick tip I would like to share is to shoot a lot and don't be afraid to experiment with your exposure settings. Also play around where you bounce the flash.

I don't do too much post processing in Photoshop. I have my camera parameters to lessen the post processing and I get consistent exposures so I pretty much get good results straight from the camera.

When I post process my images, I only do basic stuff like color correction, curves, and levels adjustments. I also bump up the color and saturation a bit. In addition, I crop my images so that the subject stands out more.

By the way, my monitor has been color calibrated using ColorVision Spyder3. I don't suggest doing any color corrections, curves/levels adjustments unless your monitor has been calibrated.