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Printing Nightclub Photos on Site

Q: I plan to use all your recommendations plus the wireless wi-ti printer for nightclub pics. What are your thoughts about this printer?

A: I've never printed nightclub photos on site. I honestly don't know how feasible that would be especially since I shoot by myself. There are quite a few logistical issues that can come up. Nightclubs can get really packed. Would there be a location where the printer could get set up? Who's going to be handling the printing - an assistant or the photographer? When are the prints going to be made - right after the pictures are taken or at the end of the night? How much are the prints going to be? Is it really worth the time an energy to do the prints? Is the club okay with this? Are they going to get a percentage of the money from the prints? Is there enough profit to be made to justify the cost? How safe is it to be handling a lot of cash in that location?

I personally like to keep things simple. Photos are uploaded to a site and the guest can get their pictures there. Most of the time, people just want to put the photos on their facebook page and whatnot. If the photos are going to be sold to the customers, I'd say set up a website (maybe a smugmug pro account) and have them buy the pictures there.

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