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Camera Setup

Q: I love the blog. I am a complete novice at this point. I want to begin taking photos like Merlin AKA I am unsure of which camera on your site that you describe would allow me to take those kinds of photos. What camera setup would you recommend that I begin with?

A: As I've mentioned on my site, I'm a Canon user so I'm going to be recommending Canon gear. Note that I'm not implying that Canon is better, but it's just the gear that I'm familiar with.

Since you're still a novice and I wasn't provided a budget, I'm going to recommend a pretty basic setup.

Basically, any digital SLR would do for a camera body. I don't recommend getting a top of the line camera body unless you have a lot of money to spare. I recommend spending more money on the lens than the camera body. A new and better camera body gets released pretty often, but a really good lens would last you a while.

If you're short on cash, even the kit lens would do for nightclub photography. However, the ideal lens for nightclub photography is a fast (f/2.8) zoom lens in the 17-50mm focal length for a cropped camera body.

Because the flash is going to be the main light source, get an external flash unit where you can tilt and swivel the flash head. You'll need this so that you can bounce the flash off the ceiling or walls.

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