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Q: I just turned 18 on February 28th. I want to get into nightclub photography. Is 18 to young to start?

Also I go to the Dominican Republic and have partied with a bunch of DJ's. One of them was the DJ for the playboy mansions. My friend's family owns 3 bars/nightclubs down there. So I know about all that good stuff. Thanks!!

A: In the US, most clubs are 21 and up so 18 would be too young to do photography in those clubs. I doubt that they would risk losing their liquor license hiring an 18 year old to do the photography. However, if you're going to be doing nightclub photography in the Dominican Republic, then 18 is not too young to start since the legal drinking age there is 18. It also seems like you already have some people in your network who you can approach so I say go for it! Just remember to be professional about it. Good luck!