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Social Dancing Photos

Q: I admire the social dancing photos taken by this Photographer Valentin Behringer.

I love his color vibrancy, sharpness, composition and light effect. Any suggestions/guidance in obtaining similar results would be greatly appreciated.

A: Since a specific photo wasn't provided, I browsed through the Facebook page and looked at the photographer's photos. I think I understand which photos are in question. I think it's similar to the question I received about how to achieve the DJ photo I had on Facebook.

Here are some tips on how to achieve similar results for the social dancing photos:

  • Position yourself so that there's light behind the subject.
  • Use 2nd or rear curtain sync for the flash. You could also try shooting with the flash off camera.
  • Drag the shutter. That is, use a long shutter speed. You may have to experiment to get the desired results.
  • Rotate the camera from portrait orientation to landscape orientation or vice versa. You could also try moving the camera in a semicircle motion from left to right or in a semicircle motion from top to bottom.
The slow shutter speed means that the camera is capturing the light behind the subject as the camera moves. The flash freezes the subject.

Please also see my other post about background light effect.